Sign up for Laura Ann Tull’s newsletter containing information about her acting, poetry, film making (Women Love Peace), digital art, and her side projects ARTISTIC HOPE (art giving back), SU2C, and TIPS on being VEGAN GLUTEN FREE in Los Angeles.  I try to give away something in each email and or help a charity out by spreading the word about their cause.  Please don’t ask me to, because there is only ONE ME.  If I help you, SURPRISE.  I created ARTISTIC HOPE and became Buddhist because of this feeling inside telling me what is right and what is wrong and the concept of listening to the inner heart rings true to me. We all have a path to chose.

This news letter will now go out by the last day of the month, and there may be a second mailing by the 15th of the month, maximum, unless there is something really huge going on or a very egregious error in my original mailing.  I  actually have been giving things away in each email but I want to assure that it is not random. I feel as if people have copied me instead of signing up for my news letters. If so, great. I am glad I am inspiring giving.  My actions have been worth it.

I am straight, a FEMINIST, Democrat, VEGAN, Cancer Advocate, Buddhist, GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE and believe strongly in the CONSTITUTION. My acting heroes are Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Kathryn Hepburn, Sigourney Weaver (I have been told I look a bit like her), and Martin Sheen.  Her mentors have been Tim Russ of Star Trek Voyager and well John Hawkes told me once at an event at the SAG FOUNDATION not to quit.

I want to make money but not to buy things. I want to make money to do things I love.  And I want to do things I love to make money. We only have this one time here that we know about, even if there may or may not be reincarnation.   I would sign up for an acting class and to do my hair before I would buy a fancy car or house or go out to eat at a five star restaurant with a guy in a suit.  THAT IS JUST NOT ME.  I am an Actor.

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