Songs & Poems

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Above are poems  I wrote to melodies.  Daddy is written from a place of abuse and a sense of ownership.  Cherries and Mushrooms are a combination of two poems I wrote in two different periods on my life.  Cherries back in DC inspired by the Cherry Blossoms, a gift from Japan.  Mushrooms was my reaction to hearing that North Korea had blown up a bomb.  Recollection and May Rain were both written in college.  May Rain was partially inspired by a guy friend I knew with these eyes that seriously looked like the ocean and in part about a drummer musician I had a crush on, though only part of it as  it is also an artistic musing on time.   Recollection is completely fictional.  It was inspired by a muse of mood.  Let it GO was performed as part of a multi-religious salon performance in Plummer Park last summer promoting anti-bullying and civil  rights for all, in particular those of different sexual orientation.  I am straight, but I believe we all need to find peace and acceptance.  LOVE is not physical.  I was paid for the performance.  All songs were written by ME and the melodies made up by ME.

Well I can also sing. I have a gift by blood I think. My maternal grandmother’s father was AP CARTER’s cousin, as in the Carter Family. I am not a fan of country music. I prefer alternative, UK rock, synch pop, and Rock N Roll, though the Carter’s were also related to Elvis Presley, or at least June Carter Cash bio it states she was distantly related to the KING. Both Coutnry Music and Rock N’ Roll were from the same gene pool.

I wrote the words to this song and came up with the tune, but I do’nt write music. I can read it and was trained to play the piano, a little guitar, the flute, and also sang in choirs during most of my child and teenage years.

All of the songs and poems are my words. DO NOT STEAL!! Thank you. If someone wants to collaborate with me on a song though we can talk of creating creative partnerships. if you are an established performer and like my songs, please let me know. PEACE.